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The People's Fools
We are running. Fast. Faster than we ever ran. Äm, my best friend, is running ten meters behind me while Koraÿ, my other best friend, is far ahead. She is the fastest. We had the bad idea to disturb a herd of I'Kaps. What are I'Kaps? Um... for you, they could be described as giant reptilian gooses with four legs, atrophied wings and huge teeth. But that's still not quite it. You'd have to see one to fully get it. Anyway. They are very fast and, more importantly, very deadly.
As my legs start to feel numb, I see in the corner of my eye Äm struggling to run. He is not used to running in his human form. He cannot transform, because yes he usually can change into whichever creature he wants. He hurt his leg pretty badly earlier and that disables him to change. Plus it is more difficult to run.
The I'Kaps are closing up and Äm isn't keeping up. The distance between us is getting wider. When the beasts are only a few meters behind him Äm stumbles and falls flat onto
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Percabeth and company- 15 years later Chapter two
So here I am, pregnant with my fifth child... Don't get me wrong, I am very happy, I love my kids, this one included. Bit pregnancy... Well, it is defiantly a beautiful thing, miracle of life and everything. But it's not easy. I have been pregnant three times before, I know what I am saying : back aches, nausea, big belly... I have through all that already! I think I can do it again, I am pretty sure I can. Percy loves kids, so he won't mind at all.
I just hope it is a girl. I love my boys, but I don't want my baby girl to live surrounded by boys her entire childhood. Pax is five now and she always asks if mommy and daddy can make a little sister for her... We educated all of our kids equally, no pink for girls and blue for boys or anything. They all have the same amount of work, common toys... So Pax was never educated as a girl who doesn't like boys, who plays with dolls and doesn't play with a ball... Not all girly and stuff. And I'm thankful for that. But still, she always wanted a
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Percabeth and company - 15 years later
When I found out I was pregnant again, I thought I was going to explode. My beloved seaweed brained husband had knocked me up, AGAIN.
Percy and I are a very happy couple, and we have been for a long time. We have been married for eight years, and have been together for more than twice as long : seventeen years. Met at twelve, fell in love during the following years, got married at twenty five. So yeah, a very long time. Half our lives! That's something! I am his first and only. He is my first and only. Forever. At that point you're thinking "wow, such a perfect couple *sigh*". But that's not it.
Let me get this straight. We went together on a big quest to save the world at twelve. He almost died. I almost died. We defeated Kronos the fucking Titan. That's how we saved the world. We started dating then. I never made a move before because I thought he was gonna die thanks to this great profecy. Well, except under mount St Helen when I kissed him because he might have died in a very close
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Percabeth after Gaia
Annabeth and Percy had just defeated the greatest enemy they ever had to fight : Gaia, the mother Earth. After being part of the great prophecy to defeat Kronos the Titan, they had, to their wonderful surprise, learnt they were part of the new great prophecy. This time they had to defeat Gaia. Great! After fighting many enemies, flying across the Atlantic, finding their way through the ancient lands, falling into Tartarus, finding the doors of death, going out of Tartarus, fighting other enemies, make peace between Greeks and Romans and finally, FINALLY, defeating the greatest enemy of all, they could go home.
So here they were, the seven of the prophecy plus Nico di Angelo, going back to Camp half blood. Argus was driving his good old van, the same that drove Percy home at the end of summer. He had been send by Chiron to find the half-bloods since they weren't coming back. They actually had all fallen asleep somewhere in New-York, exhausted, injured after the greatest adventure of the
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